by Aesthesys

Exodus 05:21


'Exodus' is a story of the space expedition that wakes up after hundreds of years in anabiosis with no possible communications with Earth or any other colonies or ships. Their mission is to land on the designated planet they've reached and set up a base initiating the future colonisation.

In 48 hours the team manages to set up the first module with basic life support systems, so they embark on a recon mission to find the energy supplies nearby. They stumble upon another base, much more sophisticated than their own, yet it appears to be at least a few decades older and abandoned. As data storage module turned out to be intact, the recon group managed to retrieve a few videologs. Recorded people that were stationed on the base looked exactly like the newly arrived astronauts...

That's the story-line of the original composition, while the other two variations provide additional depth to this world. 'Trace File' reflects the experience of the previous expedition, acting as a sort of a prequel, while 'Cache Overload' is a sequel where the new team searching for the remnants of those who came before them wearing the same faces.


released April 9, 2020

See 'Alignments' for the credits.

Exodus (Trace File) & Exodus (Cache Overload)
Arranged, produced, mixed and mastered by Victor Krabovich

Cover art by Victor Krabovich


all rights reserved



Aesthesys Russian Federation

Robots' and neural networks' most favourite progressive rock band, soon to be the official soundtrack of the AI uprising.

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